Periodic History of Charleston

history of charleston

Charleston is known as the largest city in the US state of South Carolina. 

When the Berkeley and Dorchester regions of Charleston, which has a total population of around 150,000, are taken into account, its population reaches around 800,000.

 It should be noted that Charleston, which is accepted as the 74th largest settlement in the United States, has a very deep-rooted history. In this guide, you will have the chance to take a closer look at all the details you wonder about the history of Charleston.

Charleston in 1670. It was founded as Charles Town in honor of Charles. Originally founded next to the Ashley River, the city was later moved to its present location in 1680.

In the 17th century it was known as the 5th largest city in North America. Charles Town had a fragmented structure during the colonial period. The city, which was known as Charles Town until 1783, took the name Charleston as of this year.

Charleston has a very important place in American History as the port where the slave trade took place. Charleston Harbor had an important place in the arrival of many slaves to America in the 18th century. The embarrassment of the contribution to slavery was revealed in the city’s 2018 apology.

Periodic History of Charleston

The Carolina region, which was given by Charles to his 8 loyal friends, and the incursions to America pioneered the establishment of Charles Town. The city, which was founded next to the Ashley River, was later moved to its current location and accepted as one of the places where the most planned development took place among the 13 Colonies.

By 1690, Charles Town, which is the 5th largest city, faced serious population loss due to epidemics and earthquakes. A later fire caused almost one-third of the city to burn.

The city, which has taken on a demographically variable structure due to periodic epidemics and migrations, has become much more cosmopolitan in the following processes. The name of the city was changed to Charlestown and later Charleston, respectively, in the 1700s. 

The symbolizing feature of the city in this period is that it was a slave trade center. This quality of Charleston Harbor at that time played a major role in the economic development of the city.

The development of the city both economically and culturally has been realized with the efforts of the wealthy in the region in this direction.

Charleston during the American Revolution

Known as part of South Carolina, Charleston’s independence during the American Revolution coincided with 1774.

The fact that slavery was a very important issue during the Revolution can perhaps be considered a historical turning point. With the victory in 1776, the victory, celebrated as Carolina Day, becomes official. This also prepares for the formation of the South Carolina flag.

With the British attack on Charlestown in 1780, the city came under British rule again. However, in 1782 the city was evacuated by the British. At this point, the city is considered to have entered a brand new era.

The Period Between the American Revolution and the American Civil War

Between the American Revolution and the Civil War, Charleston experienced a huge economic boom. With the significant growth in the textile industry, it is possible to talk about that Charleston has reached a much more important point economically.

Along with economic developments, the emergence of a very important institution such as the Bank of South Carolina takes place. Slavery also increased very seriously in the process until the American Civil War Period. Charleston’s historic location also contributes to writing the history of slavery.

While the economic development of Charleston increases the number of people living in the city, it also causes some problems to change in size. It was much easier for epidemics, fires and many other problems to spread in the city during this period.

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American Civil War 

Charleston had a very valuable position during the Civil War, one of the most important developments in American history.

The wars between the Confederacy and the Union caused Charleston to change hands many times.

The most negative aspect of these changes is the serious destruction of the city. The revitalization process begins when the city, many points of which were damaged, was completely captured by the Union in 1992.

After the American Civil War to the Present Charleston With the loss of the Confederation and the control of Charleston, the works begin for the city to be prosperous as it was in the old powerful periods.

 It will be possible to mention that the city took on different characteristics in terms of slavery and freedoms with the war. In this respect, the race and skin color of those who hold important positions in the city are less important now.

The return of Charleston to its strong days after the war has also succeeded in carrying the economic and cultural opportunities in the region to very serious levels. For this reason, the structure of the city has been preserved until the present day.

Today, Charleston, which is a very strong city economically, is also a very important place in civil rights.

Contrary to the problems experienced in the past, a significant part of the people living in the city today are those who are considered as minorities. This succeeds in revealing the change of the city despite the events.

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